The village of Sone, Nusa Tenggara Timur, West Timor of Indonesia Donation Report

On Feb 23rd, 2015, 110 designed lamp shades along with Panasonic's solar lanterns which were donated to the village of Sone in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia.
Sone Village is located on the West Timor in Indonesia, deep in the mountains, a place that you have to drive 1 hour from the nearest city to get to. People there had been making their living by farming and weaving textiles with no access to electricity for a very long time. Some of the homes in these regions used kerosene lamps or battery-powered lamps for lighting, but black smoke from kerosene lamps posed serious health risks, not to mention the burden of money for these batteries. Due to the lack of brightness of these lamps, activities that people did at night, such as reading and other work, was considerably limited.
While this may be the case with older models, solar lanterns provide high-light intensity to brighten at night by generating electricity from sunlight during the day and then store it in a battery. It also improves people’s health aspects as well as their cost burden.
Now, the children who have to help their families with the housework during daytime can do reading or studying at night. Also, families can see each other's faces during happy time at home after dinner.
One of the villagers told us that his family bonding became stronger because of the solar lantern.

The "Lantern'zoo" unveiling event was held in the square in front of the school in Sone. The Cut Out the Darkness Team came to Sone with Panasonic's solar lanterns, where villagers had already gathered to offer them a warm welcome. Women in the village gave their own hand-made textiles as surprise gifts to the whole team.
As a representative of the team, Mr. Okuda from Panasonic gave a speech about this project, and then solar lanterns and its designer shades were handed to the 110 families one by one.
After that, a lecture about how to set the shade on the lantern was given, and then villagers set the shades on their lanterns by themselves and hung them up on lamp stands made for the "Lantern'zoo" event.
There was a long wait for sunset. When night fell, a sign was given to light up the lanterns. At the next moment, the 'animals' hidden in the darkness showed up with glows of the light. Children cheered at the animals, as did some adults. Other adults smiled sweetly looking at them. The "Lantern'zoo" designs from all around the world lightened up not only the village, but also the people‘s hearts.

You can check the donation report at official CUT OUT THE DARKNESS website.

This Cut Out the Darkness project is not only about donating solar lanterns to non-electric areas but also about letting people around the world learn about non-electric areas. Also by working together with those people who are willing to support, this project is completed. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed these high-quality designs through Behance. Thanks to you, the "Lantern'zoo" event was a success. It was your designs, full of all your wishes and blessings, that have made the children in Sone Village smile.

Comment from Mr. Tsugita / Panasonic

Announcement of Behance Japan Tokyo Community Recognition
for Social Contribution

We honored those creators with Social Contribution Recognitions for a great impact to the society by their design through this project.

    Pellisco Δ (Colombia) 

    Antonio Rodrigues Jr (Brazil) 

    Kouzou Sakai (Japan) 

    Alena Tkach (Ukraine) 

    Whale Lab (Italy) 

Even though the design submission period was the busiest season for everyone, we have received many entries from creators all around the world. We are also very happy to receive many great feedbacks/comments about this social project. Though 5 creators were selected for the Recognition for Social Contribution based on the number of APPRECIATE, every single designs have delivered the happiness to local people as you can see in the video. We would like to continue working on this kind of social project. Thank you again for being part of this great cause!
Behance Japan Tokyo Community

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Pellisco Δ Antonio Rodrigues Jr Kouzou Sakai LORENA .G Whale Lab Martin Grohs Juan Diaz-Faes Alena Tkach Chabe Escalante Bayu Mahendra Sadewo Oliver Flores Victor Vergara Behance Japan Bayu Mahendra Sadewo Tre Seals Robba Saldaña Sara Joseph Lucas Lattenero Marco Oggian stelios spanoudakis Shaivalini Kumar Irene Laschi Tony Riff Daniela Olejnikova Nguyen Thanh Nhan Dung Ho Kepa & Lyco Mutsumi Kawazoe Grupa Smacznego Fonzy Nils Mireille St-Pierre justyna szczepankiewicz Yorlmar Campos Marce Trociuk Yoyo The Ricecorpse Hesham Adel ADAM 001 Juanco Toru Sanogawa Laura Facci Kazha Imura Mario De Meyer Anastasiia Kozina Sole Chan Brenda Ruseler Danilo _ Sailor Danny _ Mancini Emiliano Ponzi Leonardoworx LWX Tatiana Kazakova Rianti Hidayat Wong Meni Chatzipanagiotou kaoru tanaka Beyza SALCI Hatsu Midori Sara Lanza ADDPUT - Rhea Gwendolyn Deisenhofer MJ Da Luz Angela Soh ido back Nevena Katalina Miss Chat*Z Okusora Keita S Domenech Saki Murakami Kvachi Marcos Faunner Jan George Angga Tantama Alex Herrerías Hugo Oliveira Hwan Lee Claire Stamper Laura Meis Gilberto Lopez "BigGil66" Jamie Oliver Aspinall Svabhu Kohli ozlem baykus Jackkrit Anantakul Kristina Stuokaite Magdalena Chojnowska luis nessi Marci Borbas Yukako Tanaka Leffe Goldstein Flor Gabras Max Pominenko Stephanie Minucci Lina Kusaite studio another day . Pop & Zebra Krzysztof Smenda nao works W I L I A M L U O N G Catalin Lartist Leffe Goldstein anil yanik CAUTE Guillaume David Allart Anna Pirolli phil burger 정진 박 Roxy Color Blaza Chen Leffe Goldstein Agnieszka Kotowska Paolo Todde parisian samurai Michael Wong PU WEN Carmen Christensen Natalia Linares Nana Murata LION . Nelson Tse yutaka nakane 管 拓也 Fiona Miles ShioRi Otemba Maria Letta Silvia Sugasti Jenn Liv Emir Simsek Noriko Kinouchi Fabio Lopes Sandra Bowers Lee Ki-min Miroslav Kostic Aleesha Nandhra Noriko Kinouchi Michi Kounoi David Perez Judit Olga Szecsi Karin Spijker 管 拓也 Genta Chiya Mike Jacobson Kyle Whyte